Adam McCauley
November 2007
Giant Squid Surf Board
Datebook Cover
About a year ago, I got an email from a fellow who saw an illustration I had done for the Datebook cover section of the SF Chronicle.  The illo he'd seen had been about Austin's SXSW convention, and Art Director Matt Petty had wanted a suitcase covered in Band stickers; each sticker is a different band.  I snuck my band Bermuda Triangle Service in there, as well as some favorites like Goldfrapp and The Meat Purveyors.
Anyway, besides being extremely friendly, this fellow Greg was a surfer and wanted to know if he could use a part of the illustration on his surf board that he was getting made for him.  As I enjoy the wave riding ways myself, I was honored.  I sent him a file to use, and then forgot about it.  Giant Squid is a rock band, but I think Greg just liked the giant squid.
Last week, Greg sent me this photo.  I hope to see him out in the waves, once this nasty oil spill out here clears out a bit more.
Bruce Licher : Independent Press
Fab Mab gig, 1985
My wife Cynthia brought these out this morning, a collection she's kept of the insanely beautiful letterpress work of Bruce Licher at Independent Press.  Cynthia worked for years as art director and poster designer at Art Rock, and Bruce had sent her many of his samples.
These are each little masterpieces of letterpress work.  Bruce was also in Savage Republic, a punk band who I'd first heard about from Michael Bartalos years ago.  I think this style of work was extremely influential at the time; it sure was on my work.  Many of these are post cards printed on dirt cheap press board.
press board ticket, with the Minutemen, 1983
This is pure love in ink and paper.  Apparently now the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is interested in Cynthia's collection!
This is an amazing little fold out booklet that contains hand printed mock stamps from the Savage Republic.  We have framed on our wall a gorgeous page of letterpress stamps that Bruce produced for Camper Van Beethoven's "Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart".

Anyway, thought you all might enjoy these gems.
Drawger Axes
Elwood's post about his beautiful wayward Epiphone has prompted me to put up a new show below: Drawger Axes.  With so many here playing music while not at the drawing table, I thought it may be a good idea for proud parents to show their babies.

Here's my newest drum kit.  It's a limited edition Gretsch 120th Anniversary Champagne Sparkle Be-bop kit.  It sounds so good, it looks so good, it feels so good.  It records beautifully and is so small that it's a joy to shlep it to gigs.  I love it.

Anyway, please post your favorite instruments in the Drawger Axes Show when you have the chance, so we can all ogle...
Drawger Poll
with apologies to Carl Barks
I did these first two pieces for SooJin Buzelli recently, for just one illo.  She liked both sketches and sort of left it up to me to choose one.  I decided to do them both and let her pick!
Which one do you think she chose?  I'll let your imaginations figure out the subject matter, believe it or not they were for the same article.
When I drew the duck, it reminded me of Zimm's Duck! show he put up at MoCCA a few years back, featuring quite a few future Drawgers.  Here was my contribution, Duck Diggler.
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