Adam McCauley
October 2007
Just Say No!
A piggyback to Brodner's, I did this piece way back in my art school days - when Raygun was in the House.  Steve's drawing reminded me of it, even though this is quite hideous in comparison...
Dirty Words

Ward Schumaker had sent out an email about this image he recently made for The New Republic, and how even though they'd absolutely loved the illustration they had to pull it at the last minute.

The conundrum was that it's an article about the censorship of certain "dirty words"  and in the end his illustration was ultimately censored.

Women's Wear Daily reported on it, and now in this week's SF Weekly there's a whole article interviewing Ward about it - and printing the image in full glory.  Finally, here's the original New Republic article. I asked Ward if I could post it here, so here it is:  a beautiful calligraphic response.

Ward's comments:

"I’m used to getting over it quickly when my even my best work is killed, but this one made me angry---at first.  Now I’m more interested in what makes my drawing of the words seem more inflammatory than the same words set in type.  Does that suggest something inherent in the power of images?

I don’t know the answer.

Personally, I thought my image was pretty and funny.  Not vulgar, at least not when coupled with the article.

I appreciate that one of the senior editors at The New Republic asked for a ‘frame-able’ print out of my piece (he sent me his latest book in exchange); and that the author wrote that killing my piece was ‘ironic’---but at the same time, though he’d asked for permission to mount it on his site, he didn’t do so. "
Client: Trade Magazine (Magazine Group I think) Subject: The ins and outs of getting an Education, or something like that
Some sketches still tacked to my board. 

Rejected all, left out to dry.  Sniff sniffle.

For some, I've lost track of who they were originally for and for what idea they were intended, perhaps someday I will complete them.

Maybe I can do up three and send out a mailer, "Rejected Ideas".
Client: Trade Magazine (can't remember) Subject: Better Mousetrap
Client: Time or maybe Kiplingers? Subject: Can't remember. Telecommuting?
Client: United Airlines Subject: Business Travel
Client: Trade Magazine (can't remember) Subject: Turkey Awards
Client: Cincinnati Magazine Subject: Impregnating Rhinos; The Religion of Science; Marriage
Client: SF Symphony Subject: Brochure Cover / One Sheet
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