Adam McCauley
May 2006
Hamza El Din R.I.P.
Hamza El Din, the great master of the oud, died today.  If you've never heard his music, go immediately buy any of his albums - his most reknown is "Music of Nubia".  I'd never before seen someone play two different time signatures with each hand on one instrument, even as he sang. Here's one of my favorite songs of his, "The Spirits".
Randall's horse drawing inspired me to post these sketches. I've been feverishly working on the interiors for the next Time Warp Trio book, set in ancient Mongolia. It's been really hard drawing tons of animals. Leopards, camels, horses, dogs, eagles, elephants, you name it. I've been using meager reference and a lot of guess-work. Hard. Dang hard. Some of the animals are looking a lot better than others, so it's re-sketching over and over. Anyway, here are but a few...
Welcome Home Mark!
Alright, although Mark has informed me he's been in a coma for the last few months, he's ready to come back to Drawger.  He requested Hawaiian punch, cheese puffs and a welcome back banner.  So everyone, let's welcome back the one and only Suparocka... er, Mark Matcho!!!
Obligatory X-ray Post
Ok, here's my obligatory x-ray post.  I just got back from the doctor, I'm still glowing....

This is my shoulder, which has been killing me.  I believe it's from years of drawing - it pops and is sore all of the time.  That or a surfing injury.

I just love getting older!
Wacky Plaques
I'm a lifelong Wacky Pack freak. I was weaned on them in my youth in Missouri. I used to get in fist fights over them with neighborhood kids. I had them plastered all over my walls and bedroom door. I had t-shirts of them. If I still had my collection, I suppose I'd be a rich man now. I found these at a yard sale about ten years ago, apparently they were called "Wacky Plaques". Unfortunately they've faded a bit, but they still bring me daily joy. Yet another culturally vital product that Art Speigelman was part of.
Art School Confidential
We saw this last night on it's opening night - and we NEVER go to see movies. Anyone else see it? We'd read a few reviews saying it was only so-so, but man was it a completely hilarious blast. For anyone who ever went to art school it's an absolute must see. Kudos to Daniel Clowes for honing his abilities to go from comics to the silver screen. His first one, Ghost World, wasn't nearly as good I didn't think.
Rush Job
sketch one
sketch two
sketch two
I'm going to try and make a point to post weekly illos more regularly, whether they be hideous or successful. I don't know why, it just seems like a logical thing to do here on Drawger. So this is today's rush job, a call late yesterday from Time for a spot needed today. I love working for Time - they're always fun and easy, and I happened to have a bit of flexibility so I dove in. Not to mention I'm a ho and I need all the dough I can get right now. Anyway, the article was about a new Monopoly game, where they're dropping all of the traditional Atlantic City references and updating the properties with more relevant modern real estate. These are my two sketches. I preffered the first one - and Time almost always chooses my favorite sketch - but in this case they chose the second one. I've always enjoyed using Monopoly iconography (the little capitalist is a great figure). I learned a few things drawing this: 1. the Monopoly board is actually a very pale green, not white, which for some reason is always what I picture. 2. The Monopoly font is Kabel Heavy. 3. ...well, those are the two things I learned then. Anyway, Just sent off the final. I never see my stuff in Time because I never look at magazines, and it seems like no one ever sends out tear sheets anymore. I hope they don't reproduce it the size of a fingernail!
The Great Zimm
"The Great Zimm"
Well, I tried learning the Lou Darvas technique and it didn't work out. Instead, I drew Zimmerman, behind the curtain, fiddling with the Drawger settings.
(stumps no more)
Ok, Lou. I tried relearning your technique and I think I got the feet better. Oh crap, I drew them on backwards!
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