Adam McCauley
April 2006
First of all, a much belated thanks to Mark Matcho and David Flaherty for inviting me here. Second, hello to all of you amazingly talented folks, and thanks for letting me into this place. Third, apologies for taking so long to get it going on, and for only having time for the random cryptic post so far. I've been wanting to put up my pages, but have been horrifically overwhelmed with work, planning for wedding, and other real life stuff. I finally am spending valuable weekend time to figure out all of the Drawger technical ins-and-outs, and have put a few measly things on my page. Anyway, I suppose it's no excuse, seeing how all of you busy folks find a way to make it work. In any event, here's to Zimm for creating this place. Cheers! Clink, clink. P.S. The image above has been randomly picked from images created in the last few months. Even though it is a somewhat generic editorial piece, it's in honor of Mark Matcho, who first invited me here, and has often alluded to me his feeling of (as an illustrator) being two steps away from selling shoes...
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