Adam McCauley
Sadly, the world lost two great explorers this christmas. 

Vic Chesnutt, a great songwriter.  Crippled and confined to a wheelchair since a teenager, Vic nonetheless soldiered on and wrote and performed a lot of great music.
He took his own life on Christmas day under the shadow of daunting medical bills.  He was 45.  Rock on, wherever you are Vic.

Leo Espinosa forwarded me the video below, it's amazing.

This one is one of my favorites of Chesnutt's.

Knut Magne Haugland also passed this boxer day.
He was the last of six original crew members of Thor Heyerdhal's Kon Tiki expedition.  He was 92.

Kon Tiki has been and will always be, for me at least, an incredible inspiration.

Rock on, Knut.

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