Adam McCauley
Swimming With Sharks
I recently completed the fourth and final book in this YR series, "Gym Shorts", by Betty Hicks.  It's a lovely little series about a group of neighborhood kids and the various sports they love to play.
Yesterday I received in the mail a nice award from the Junior Library Guild.  Apparently, the third book in the series, "Swimming With Sharks" has been dubbed "A Junior Library Guild Selection".  Not sure what that means, but they sent me a little certificate and a lapel pin.  I can pin it on my fez.  Thanks JLG! 
One of the twenty or so interiors, here's the gang hanging out in the kitchen. I'm taking a hiatus from chapter books now; they're fun but a lot work!
This is the final book's cover.  I did the art during the ending of last year's baseball season (the only pro sports I'm really into).
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