Adam McCauley
The Price of Oil
The Published Piece

Earlier this week, I did this assignment for the NY Times.
They needed a letters spot, responding to an onslaught of letters regarding the impending Petraeus testimony.  "Spotlight on Iraq" was the theme.

The editor read one of my sketches as a double entendre - a spotlight, at the same time of the General being "down in the trenches".  These were the other sketches...
As an aside, I'll hope you'll take the time to listen to this song by Billy Bragg, "The Price of Oil".  I have a feeling it may become a theme for our times.  I first heard it at the SF Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival.  Later on, I've heard it on one of my favorite radio stations, Pirate Cat Radio.  It's a beautiful and passionate song, and has a spirit that I think resonates with a lot of us here in the States.

Anyway, there it is and that is all for now!
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