Adam McCauley
Kick drums and other stuff
Robert Hunt posted his groovy kick drum painting for his son's kit, so I thought I'd post this.

A Mark Matcho original, hanging in our dining room, for my old band Warm Wires .  Always made me play just a little bit better, having it on the front of my kick drum.  Mark EXACTLY captured this band with this image.  I guess that's why he's a professional.
Staake's post about artistic collaboration w/Exene C. was great.  Brad Mossman's songs for the Wires always celebrated collaboration.  Here's the band's first cd's cover art, by the master Eric White.
The great David Fremont's interior art.
And finally, Steven Cerio's super cool cd disc art...
These guys would draw on a Lucy projector when we played, as well as random guests from the audience.  Someday we'll have to scan all of the whacky things that were drawn on those rolls of acetate.
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