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I'm glad Steve Brodner is stirring up politics a bit here on Drawger.  He and Robert Hunt's posts inspired me to put this image up, a send-up of match-book art that I did for a show back in 02. 

I'm not sure what this piece means.  I was so depressed and angry, and frustrated I wasn't able to voice my opinions more in my daily work as a commercial artist.  I guess I was imagining that the whole thing was manufactured for us, Orwellian, simplified.  I'm still not convinced I was imagining things.

What's been good for me throughout these crazy times is that I've learned a lot, about history, about religion, and of course politics.  I've become a lot less doe-eyed about the way the world works. Yet, fortunately I feel extremely hopeful.

Anyway, back to the drawing table...
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