Adam McCauley
More Lima Bean Monsters
Ye Olde Cover
For David Goldin. 

The Lima Bean Monster, written by Dan Yaccarino.  Illustrated by yours truly, designed by my beautiful and talented wife Cynthia Wigginton.  Came out a few years back.  It was fun drawing the end papers.
Ye Olde End Papers
I still to this day have no idea why Dan asked me to illustrate this, as he is (as all here know) an amazing and accomplished illustrator.  From what I could glean at the time (love that word glean), he wizened up to the idea that the writing is where the money's at. 
The Lightning Strikes
In any event, the story line goes like this: the unwanted Lima Beans get buried in a vacant suburban lot; lightning strikes and out pops the monster. The kids have to learn to eat their vegetables, namely by eating the LB Monster, in order to keep the beast from wrecking the town.
The town gets destroyed
What would really help the town from being further destroyed is for everyone who reads this post to go to Amazon and order a copy of the book.  Your kid(s) will love it, believe me.  He/she may even end up eating their vegetables.
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