Adam McCauley
The Final Trio
I recently finished the final Time Warp Trio book, "Marco? Polo!", by Jon Scieszka, which is just now out.  This one was one of my favorite of these books to draw; some of you guys may remember an earlier post of some of the interior sketches while I was working on them.  All I have left to do is the paperback cover, and then that will be it for Time Warp Trio!

After eight hard back covers, 16 paperback covers, some 250 interiors, all over the course of seven years, it's all enough to get a tear in the ol' eye.  I still will never feel like I deserved the gig, and stepping into Lane Smith's shoes was about as intimidated as I've ever felt professionally. I learned so much working with Jon and the amazing team at Viking, and talking with Lane and learning his wisdom.

Onward ho...
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