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I was

APRIL 14, 2009
all set to rattle off another post mere days after my last and freak everyone out with my rapid fire, almost Twitter-esque posting but stuff intervened and I thought I'd wait for the 2.0 makeover dust to settle.

Testing out my decorative chops I devoured an archaic technical book about pattern design and churned out the following. Gift wrap? textiles? cards?

Jack & the Beanstalk's for (who else) Soo Jin at PLANSPONSOR
A quick update: the book I alluded to was, 'Pattern Design' by Lewis F. Day, first published in 1903 (and hardly updated since).

I'd asked for a recommendation from a friend [the enormously talented Agnes Kolignan who'd studied fashion print and now works for the likes of Givenchy and Balmain] for a good pattern primer. She said there were two course staples but both were outdated, technical and fairly impenetrable. One was the Day book, the other was 'Principles of Pattern Design' by Richard M.Proctor.

I'm sure there's probably more accessible stuff on the internet about constructing repeats. It's just about getting your head around the tricks of tessellation