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JUNE 30, 2016

Some more of my weekly Sunday Telegraph Money section covers. The turnaround's usually a few hours; I've developed a good relationship with the commissioning editors who are generally quite frazzled putting Saturday's edition to bed. This one's on dependable funds that regularly issue high dividends. Rudimentary roughs include the hoary old production line golden goose
I get a little carried away and, occasionally, waiting for approval work up several iterations, a testament to how much I still enjoy the job
roughs for the above on the theme of parents pushing their offspring onto the precarious housing ladder

So called Cash Machine companies

A bird in the hand... A pensions story about whether it's better to cash in one's pensions pot or wait

Credit card fees still being imposed on consumers

Cuts in life cover (withdrawal of safety nets)
calculating how much one can withdraw from pensions funds

customer loyalty unrewarded