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Tim Hayward

MARCH 4, 2015
I've been providing the illustrations for award-winning food writer and restaurateur Tim Hayward's column in the Financial Times Weekend Magazine for a while now (AD-ed expertly by Shannon Gibson and Paul Tansley). The writing is charming, witty and invariably provides me with interesting visual cues.
The invasion of (restaurants serving) the King Crab
And, yes, before you say it, the B-Movie poster is a default trope for me
Room With a View's Cecil Vyse, Baedeker in hand vs our hero, Tim, hunting Lambredotto using voice-activated Google Now 
The lure of provincial- and by most measures, inauthentic- local Italian trattorias over more sophisticated restarants
Slow Food vs Convenience
Demanding customers.
Restaurants building online followings.
Tim rails against the fecund yet inedible (fec'n inedible?) courgette
Impossible-to-follow recipes
TV cookery shows: do they actually increase our appetite for cooking?
A youthful Mr H is put up at the George V Hotel in Paris and treats himself to room service