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The Wilderness Years

FEBRUARY 3, 2015
It’s been a while

Let’s call it a hiatus.
I’ve spent rather a long time returning to my first love, oil painting. I've been illustrating too; more of that later.
Here's a site devoted to some of the painting I've produced. Do, please, take a look
DCTH (b.1923), 2015, oil on linen (65cmx65cm)➡
My late Father-in-Law, Donald House.
The energy that comes from documenting a subject that changes at every sitting, charting life passing is truly compelling.
ARA (self portrait) 2013, oil on linen (25cmx30cm)
Portraiture was one of the first things that piqued my interest in painting, 25 years ago, starting with Stanley Spencer, Egon Schiele, Gaugin, Van Gogh, Lucian Freud and leading me on to Velasquez, Hals, Titian and others.
I find the self-portrait is an odd beast, poised somewhere between vanity and dissection.
⬅ Still life (Hugo, Moth, La Valette) 2014, oil on linen on board (30x22cm).
Still lifes comprising layers of mementoes and levels of mediation with reality hold a real fascination for me.
Still Life (Pylon, Friedrich) 2014, oil on linen on board (35.5cmx23cm)➡
Birches, 2013, oil on linen (66cmx61cm)
A nature scene of sorts
Hardy Country (Postcards) 2014, oil on linen (67cmx91cm). A mediated landscape

Turtle, 2013, oil on linen (41cmx36cm)
More nature morte. I produced a series of paintings at a beautiful, crumbling local museum, the Bournemouth Natural Science Society. It houses a remarkable collection of Victorian taxidermy