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Lucky Jim

FEBRUARY 21, 2012
My last Folio Society book, Brat Farrar was a highlight of my recent commissioned illustration work. When Sheri Gee called to commission me to do another book I gladly accepted. The book in question was the slightly better-known, Lucky Jim, Kingsley Amis's post war comic novel of provincial university life. The eponymous protagonist is a passive and indolent chap. I'm not entirely sure that I enjoyed the book- I'd read it many years ago- but it provides many visual, humourous set pieces and an interesting cast of grotesques. The challenge of pacing the illustrations, showing the characters whilst not giving too much of the narrative away was very satisfying. The feedback from the publishers has been positive. I'm assuming- having just received my complimentary copies that the book is soon to be released and that I'm not jumping the gun in showing these here.

The obligatory gazillion thumbnails

Cover designs. Pub signs and match, cigarette packets were dismissed since there's no need for including the title. I tried to suggest numerous figure free, atmospheric and decorative solutions.