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Meet The Toby's
  I recently had the pleasure of working with London agency St Lukes, who as well as producing these well worth seeing campaigns, hold the Toby Carvery account. Toby Carveries are a UK nationwide chain of carveries who promote a traditional family dining experience 7 days a week centred around the roast dinner. They wanted to inject a little fun into the dining experience of the younger customer and St Lukes came up with the idea of 'The Tobies' vegetable family. 'Dysfunctional yet wholesome' was to be the genetic imprint of the Toby family, which incidentally i’m keeping as my new slogan.

An A3 poster was used instore to introduce the Toby family and the theme was ‘an awkward family photo’. Yes, the Google research for this one was disturbing. Six vegetables were chosen to best represent the Toby dining experience, old grandma onion was my favourite to work on. The solid round shape meant little definition between the head and body, giving her a child like quality to play around with. Other ingredients include - one neurotic mother, one dud dad, one boisterious broccoli, an emotional parsnip and a screaming pea. The main indredient uniting this discordant vegetalbe stew is the wholesome colour palette of the Toby Carvery brand.
An earlier group character sketch which includes little Jimmy Carrotstix. Jimmy didn't make it.

The online collateral was handled by The Allotment Agency and was headed by the creation of an online funzone with kids activities and their wonderful art competition. I've kindly been sent some of the entries to the art competition to post here, the winner is still pending....who'd want to judge these little gems. I love them all!
A selection of entries from the art competition's 8-10 year old's category
A selection of entries from the art competition's 6-7 year old's category

A selection of entries from the art competition's 3-5 year old's category

These may or may not be the competition judges

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