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September 2009
Progressive cover
For an article by Wendell Berry on returning the economy to true long term sustainability. Painted with alot of extra bleed to give AD Nick Jehlen plenty of flexibility in designing the cover. Ironically this figure has a very similar pose to last month's Progressive cover by Zina Saunders of former Gov. Palin, which well illustrated, in part, unsustainability.
The roughs. I really enjoyed concepting for this subject, it's dear to my heart. I try to live conservation minded as much I can, but I do live with a beautiful but normal north american wife and kids, so sometimes it's a balancing act not to become the "green nazi" of the house.
Preliminary drawing and color sketch, being aware of Zina's cover last month I knew the palette had to be completely different.

Some details of the texture of the "piece", I don't know what to call it, it's part printmaking, part painting with a spoonful of photoshop.

Secondary piece for the inside.

Patriot Lovers and Haters
I was surprised to get another job from ESPN, since the paint on the last piece for them was barely dry. The story was examining the lack of success in Bill Belichick's coaching tree. Art direction and design by Siung Tjia.
The roughs. Their favorites were the logo spoof and the hoodie. Siung opted for the logo spoof, which was my secret favorite as well.
Some reference ESPN sent me. I'm always amazed with doing portraits, because if I don't exaggerate the features a bit it, it doesn't look like them, and ESPN was keen on a likeness, so I was a bit nervous.
Line drawing and color study. I ended up changing to a blue background to make your eye go to the branches first rather the Belichick's face, since the story was more about the other less successful coaches.

Some detail.

In print. Should be on the newstands sometime this Labor Day weekend.
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