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July 2010
Dodgers Divorce for ESPN

Got to illustrate the "Messiest Divorce in Sports", yeah even messier than Tiger's...
That of the McCourts, the owners of the LA Dodgers. The story is pretty entertaining, definitely worth reading if you are a Dodgers fan, in the latest issue of ESPN the Magazine.  Art director was Ed Mann.

And a few days after I finished the piece, I got to see Dodger Stadium for the first time when I was in LA for ICON6. Which was a treat.

Had fun with the roughs, I even gave them a typographic option. Why? I just couldn't help myself and got obsessed seeing if it would work. Fortunately Ed picked the more compact solution

Whenever I'm lucky enough to do a spread for great designers, I'm so excited to see what they come up with after I turn in the artwork. I love being surprised and at ESPN they always deliver.
Progressive Cover
Got to tackle the complicated issue of the Arizona immigration law for Nick Jehlen at the Progressive.

Some sketches. Always wanted to spoof RC Gorman, although the backstory really wouldn't fit, since he was NAVAJO. Just going for a southwest feel here.
Some reference...

Apologies to Georgia O'Keefe, I know you worked in New Mexico.
And this is why Nick Jehlen, is my favorite art director in the whole world!
Because he let me do this spoof of those kitschy southwest lizards, for the inside.
Well I'm off to Los Angeles for ICON6, hope to see you there...unless I get detained in Arizona on the way.
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