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November 2007
Shop till you drop: The battle cry of the war on terror
I wonder if the draft might have saved us from starting this war?

from the article this piece goes with:

It's easy to blame Iraq on a small cabal of neocons and a bumbling president. But real fault lies with the American people as well. Americans now ask more of their government but sacrifice less than ever before.

This rejection of sacrifice on a national scale contributed to the bungled war the United States finds itself in today. The war on terror is not simply a neoconservative project. It is as much a neoliberal project, shaped by views about the role of government that enjoy broad public support.

A link to the article:
color study, AD says "make it grittier", so I add smoke and blood, which really adds to it.
some spots that went with the opener
some selected roughs, there were alot more...
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