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July 2007
Wrong with the C.I.A.?
Here's a piece for last week's Boston Globe book review on how the CIA is low on intelligence... on purpose. They know their most dangerous enemy is cut funding so they tell their boss what he wants to hear, been doing it since Eisenhower...
thumbnails, yes this one went a rare 3 rounds!
more of the process, drawing, color studies and scrap. for some reason I couldn't find my trenchcoat and fedora, and my neighbors didn't have any either, so a bathrobe and a print roller had to suffice
Support Our Troops
Little personal piece I did in adobe illustrator, my visual comment on our energy policy. I'd love to turn it into an actual magnet...
Here's a project for Foreign Policy I just finished. It was a financial article which can be a challenge to make visually interesting, but when I read that these hedge funds are called vulture funds I knew it was going to be easy.
round 1 of sketches
round 2
some spots
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