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by Julia Breckenreid!
Thanks Dale and Robert, I appreciate it. :)
Latest comment: 12:03 PM on January 7 (3 total)

by !
Thank you... Dana!
Latest comment: 1:17 AM on February 28 (2 total)
by Jim Paillot!
Thanks, Douglas!
Latest comment: 6:42 PM on August 24 (2 total)
Gallery Exhibits
by Richard Downs!
I love these!
Latest comment: 1:29 PM on July 6 (1 total)
by David Flaherty!
Hey that doggie looks very familiar! Nice illo.
Latest comment: 5:07 PM on May 28 (1 total)

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on radar
Douglas Fraser
February 7
I've been exploring my own framing the last few years. I see some very interesting history on the backside of framed pieces of artwork in...
(5 comments, latest comment February 9)
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